Five Simple Steps to Learn to Play Guitar at Home

In short, this takes advantage of the fact that almost all guitar teachers have their strategies and will teach you at their pace. So, it’s annoying to learn guitar with them. In fact, you can learn to play guitar at home by yourself. I have gathered some decent advice for players who are still new to the game in retrospect. This article contains my best guide for musicians who want to go it alone, without a teacher and educate them to play guitar.


Start by Learning to Tune by Your Ear

The first thing you want to know as a new guitarist is how you master and listen to your guitar’s best tune. To put it differently, all the guitar gods in the history of audio have played with an instrument that is the same instrument that you have. Not that they have any kind of advantage other than their skills and experience. The same notes and tones that they play can be found on your guitar. Even if it means fantastic hard work on your personality, you can play them if you want.

Build Your Chord Vocabulary

GuitarHowever, realistically, you will most likely have to focus on the principles that will make you play as quickly as possible. We are not looking for shortcuts. Your path to becoming a guitarist will be a path independent of everything, and you will be able to play and practice for a lifetime and never really master this instrument. However, I think one of those things that frustrate many new guitarists is the attention to detail that educators occasionally devote to teaching principles. So, you need to build up the vocabulary of basic guitar chords.

Practice the Chords by Playing Your Favorite Songs

Some young musicians think you have to learn the basic chords and scales until you can play songs that you understand from the bands you love. This is not true. By analyzing and playing a variety of these melodies, you work on chords in the context of real music. Most of the transcribed melodies have a list of these chords to understanding at the beginning and diagrams of how they are played at the end.

Practice the Chromatic Exercise Daily

GuitarAlthough you can start playing real songs on the guitar relatively quickly, digging deeper into the instrument takes a lot more work. You probably need to be able to play solos and maybe even learn how to improvise. It’s a bit far for a newcomer, but there’s no reason not to start laying the groundwork. This means that I have found the best way to do it by learning the exercises and climbing them every day. But you may not be ready for this yet, and that’s a good thing. Another much simpler method is to practice an exercise called “Color Exercise” every day.

Develop Your Strong Ethic for Guitar

Since a teacher has to do his homework at school, you should do it as soon as you have analyzed the guitar. About 90% of studying the guitar is preparation, and unless you have the ambition and desire to spend time practicing and playing, you probably won’t get much better. What you have achieved with extensive training may be better than people who just have the talent. Obviously, don’t think you can’t learn to play guitar because you weren’t born with perfect musical ability.

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