Drum set

Historical Background of Drum

Music and musical instruments are part of humans’ life a long time ago until today. Music is used to express thoughts, ideas, and to communicate or convey feelings. One of the oldest instruments wherein until now we use is the drums. Drums are used not only to make music but also use to be an entertainment instrument. Visit MusicianTuts to know more about the background and how to play drums.

First Invention of Drums

Drums were invented way back in 6000 BC in China, and it is being used for ritual, religious activities, or ceremonies. Along with this is the creation of cymbals, it is a round metal instrument that is being used for high tones or tinkling sounds.

African Drums

In African culture, drums were essential for them to show and express their feelings and thoughts. When a slave trade is being happened, they make a rolling sound with their drums. And until today, the pattern of their drumline is still being used due to its high impact on music.

Drum Set

The first drum set was invented in the year 1930 by William Ludwig. The drum set was composed of the following: Snare Drum, Bass Drum with Foot Pedal, Hit Hat Cymbals. It was invented due to the idea, wherein one person can handle for about two (2) or more types of drums.

Drum Kits

With the idea of a drum set, it was evolved into drum kits by the inventor of drum set William Ludwig with his company. They added more cymbals and bass drums to make it more complicated, and they make the quality of the sound of it better than the old ones.

Modern Drums

Modern drums were invented around 1975 until the present. With the advancement of technology, modern drums were also influenced by recent times. Modern drums have now become electric drums created by Karl Bartos.…